There are a lot of things that I want to write about but never do. Usually it’s due to a mixture of occupation, perfectionism, and procrastintion.

To solve the first, I’ve switched to Ghost as a blogging platform since a while now, and I much prefer it to WordPress for a whole bunch of reasons. Also, my new policy is brutal conciceness. I’ll be writing short, condensed articles so that having no time can no longer be an excuse.

The curse of perfectionism can only be lifted with practice it seems. It reaches a point where it becomes a hindering factor. If you focus too much of quality and not quantity, you’ll never get anywhere. And in certain cases (thanks for the link Aku), quantity produces superior quality. So now I’ll be posting fast and frequently for greater good.

Finally, I’ll need to stop procrastinating. To do that I promise in writing - in the form of this blog post - that I will. Now if don’t, there will be public proof of my failure to do so. And I don’t want that!

No more excuses!